4 months ago

Date: 26 December 2023

Introduction: CVCIP is on a positive move in terms of activities and programmes.


Documentations: All CVCIP registration paperwork is in order.These include

Certificate,Provincial Authority Letter, and MOUs with Chipinge town and rural councils.

Projects: The organization's poultry,fish farming and gardening are progressing well, though at a

small rate.

Partners: The following organisations are likely to partner with CVCIP: Zimbabwe Tourism

Authority,Zimbabwe Farmers Union,Transmedia Zimbabwe,Plan

International,COPAZ,OXFAM.The organisation is frantically looking for more partners.

Donors: The organisation is really appreciating the following donors: Mr. Rana (chicks) and

drinks), Mr. and Mrs Masaire (clothes), Joseph (stationery and clothes), and Paidamoyo (400

Rands), The Joshua Generation International Network (office laptop) and Arundel Girls High

School (clothes and stationery).

Full-time Office Worker: The organisation managed to employ and fully pay the office worker

for the whole year of 2023.

Wifi and Landline Installation: The organisation to install CVCIP WiFi and landline in the office.

Volunteers: Quite a number of volunteers joined CVCIP.

Community participation: CVCIP managed to participate in Chipinge Agricultural Show and the

monthly national clean-up campaigns. We extend our great appreciation to our office workers and our volunteers.

Participants: The organisation was able to give food hampers to 10 widows and stationery to 10


Visibility: The organisation managed to erect two big sign posts near 733 and the other one next

to our office.

Payments:CVCIP managed to pay inception meeting at the Chipinge DDC Boardroom, Chipinge

Town and Rural Councils MOUs, office wifi, and land lines.


Finances:CVCIP does not have financial donors.All payments are from organization Directors and

well wishers.

Erratic payments: CVCIP payments to the office worker and the beneficiaries are not constant.

Marketing: The marketing of the organisation CVCIP is not aggressive.

Transport: The organisation is finding it very hard to transport donated items to the beneficiaries.

which some are disabled and very old.


Seeking more partners to work hand in hand with CVCIP.

Aggressive marketing for the organisation.

Seeking donors for transport and financial support for the organization's projects and programmes.

Involving more stakeholders in CVCIP activities.


All in all, there is a bright light for CVCIP at the end of the tunnel.All thanks to the CVCIP Management Team

and Partners.

Composed by:

Projects and Programs Director and The Chairman