Strategic Planning Overview

Our comprehensive five-year strategic business plan addresses gaps in services and supports for homeless youth and creates more opportunities for underprivileged youth to help move them successfully to independence.

An extensive planning process confirmed that most youth using the Chipinge Vulnerable Children Intervention Programme services need more job opportunities, life skills training, aftercare and more supportive housing options to be able to achieve long-term, sustainable independent living.

Our analysis shows that for the past years, we have seen record-high daily numbers of young people with increasingly complex needs.

An estimated 35 percent of these youth are coping with mental health issues – often the result of their experiences at home or on the street.

Without adequate stable housing, life skills, education and job experience, these young people face major challenges in moving forward with their lives.

In response, the new plan sets key strategic priorities:

  • Employment Opportunities, including more job and apprenticeship training with industry partners; social enterprise and more educational opportunities.
  • Outcomes and Community Support, including partnerships to better assists the underprivileged children, those who have mental health and addiction issues. Track program effectiveness across all of our services and improve outcome measures.
  • Expansion/Innovation, including exploring the potential for another site outside of Chipinge, and working toward a national/international youth homelessness prevention strategy.
  • Fiscal Stewardship, including diversifying and expanding revenue sources, re-investing reserves in youth services and pursuing non-governmental and even government funding where appropriate.
  • Housing and Aftercare, including new community-based transitional and specialized housing options, enhanced life skills training, more aftercare and expanded support for youth leaving the care of the Chipinge Vulnerable Children Intervention Programme organisation.
  • Advocacy to Offer a Stronger Public Voice, including influencing public policy to improve the lives of homeless and youth at risk.

The new strategic plan assumes that we will have extensive consultation with a multitude of stakeholders, including youth using our services, donors, sponsors, media, community partners, government and other service agencies. We are making great strides as we continue to put into action our five-year plan.

The Chipinge Vulnerable Children Intervention Programme Organisation is built on a solid foundation of partnership with those who share our belief that every kid or child deserves opportunity and hope for a better future.