CVCIP Organizational Model

The Chipinge Vulnerable children Intervention Programme Organisation works as rehabilitation and vocational skills training center for the children and the youth. The objectives are to empower youth with positive values and to develop hands on vocational training skills after getting basic education. It paves a way for them to abandon any negative behaviors of being undisciplined and deviant youth and adopt new positive mindedness.

The youth will get some intensive education on civic issues, get basic education and be equipped with soft skills to prepare them for the job market and increases their chances of getting jobs. The ultimate aim is to make them come out as job creators not job seekers.

The youth will leave the center with adequate knowledge and skills enabling them to survive in the workplace in their respective neighborhoods. Management will screen them according to age and education levels. We will toll gate them in different classes based on (KSA) Knowledge, skills and ability. They will attend the organisation and learn reading, writing and counting skills (enumerative skills) among others after which they undertake professional and vocational trainings relating to each one’s career choice.

The Chipinge Vulnerable children Intervention Programme Organisation will provide a perfect blend of vocational, environmental, technical and soft skills to the trainees to prepare them become entrepreneurs. A basic academic organisation curriculum shall be developed and the skills and professional training includes carpentry, tailoring, commercial and subsistence farming, construction, masonry or brick layering, drama, movie industry, welding, filming and professional camera men etc. The youth will go through the following:

1. - Phase 1. Rehabilitation programme To restore psychological behaviors and patriotism among youth. Depending with age they will be trained on the history of Zimbabwe covering its political, economic, social, technical, legal and religious environments.
2. - Phase 2. Basic academic education To bring about literacy and enable them to understand the business principles as an enabler to get in self-business undertakings.
3. – Phase 3. Instructional and Soft skills To give the students the professional skills in different business areas of their choice.
4. - Phase 4. Further academic for some Those who excel very well in academic studies may be supported to continue and go to the universities and graduate. They will be assisted to get professional courses as well

Students will be coming from their homes and in the long run the PVO will develop dormitories to accommodate the children with no one to look after them .That stage requires correctional and psychological processes to happen for those who adopted the street kids habits and even for some run away children.

At this point the organisation may get some assistance or corroboration with government relevant ministries. The Chipinge Vulnerable children Intervention Programme Organisation will support some of them to establish businesses individually or groups or cooperative arrangement.