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CHIPINGE VULNERABLE CHILDREN INTERVENTION PROGRAMME Organisation in Zimbabwe is a non-profit making organisation which was legally registered as an independent PVO in Zimbabwe. The organization aims to make a difference in children’s lives by creating education services and programmes which facilitate orphans, widows, and youths, vulnerable and less privileged children to develop a range of skills needed to leave independently within the country and in the regions where Chipinge Vulnerable Children Intervention Programme operates.


Objective 1

To facilitate sustainable economic strengthening projects for vulnerable orphans, widows and youths.


Objective 2

To provide nutritional support to vulnerable orphans, widows and youths.


Objective 3

Strengthen the capacity of communities to support vulnerable children and their families to access prevention, care and treatment of diseases.

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Chipinge Vulnerable Children Intervention Programme Problem Statement

Day and night peoples in rural areas, towns and cities are facing lots of challenges in life. The end result is that many kids and children fails to go to school. Some children get addicted to drugs, are subjected to bullying, infections and they face violence in every kind of way. Above all, those being in the streets cause’s socio-economic challenges to the country and the above are gaps that need to be addressed. These children need to be empowered through education for them to contribute meaningfully to the Zimbabwe economy.


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