CVCIP Problem Statement

Day and night people in rural areas, towns and cities are facing lots of challenges in life. The end result is that many kids and children fails to go to school. Some children get addicted to drugs, are subjected to bullying, infections and they face violence in every kind of way. Above all, those being in the streets cause’s socio-economic challenges to the country and the above are gaps that need to be addressed. These children need to be empowered through education and income projects for them to contribute meaningfully to the Zimbabwe economy.

Our Beliefs

The Chipinge Vulnerable Children Intervention Programme organisation management believes that:

  • The organization supports the education of under privileged kids and children.
  • The future of the country depends upon the future of the children, and
  • The future of the children depends upon the proper education.
  • Poverty is not only related to hunger or homelessness, it also relates to the consequences of being uneducated thus making the children incapable of coping with the problems of life and improving their social and financial status.
  • Education is a remedy to poverty reduction.
  • The Organisation has to evolve a sustainable “competitive advantage” through its employees to create value for Children and provide high quality basic education that empowers them.
  • Widows can be empowered to be self-reliant, given the right skills and resources.